Media Literacy for Teachers, Pastoral Workers held in Tagbilaran

Pastoral worker representatives of 31 parishes and teachers of 19 parochial schools in the diocese of Tagbilaran attended a four-day media literacy (ML) seminar- workshop, two days each group. The participants expressed great gratitude for their learning as written in their post evaluation after the seminar, held at the Elijah Spirituality Center, Seminary Compound in Taloto District, Tagbilaran City.

Sr. Consolata Manding, FSP and Fr. Norman Pena, SSP formed a team in conducting the seminar-workshop on the theme, Training Pastoral Workers on the Use of Media for Evangelization, October 2-3, and Training Teachers in Media Literacy Skills and Integrate in their Subject Area, October 5-6, 2019. 

Here are some excerpts from the post evaluation of participants: the seminar–workshop was more than I expected; we learned a lot and a big thanks to them for our new learning about media; it opened my understanding about the different forms of media; learned to analyze TV programs such as news, drama, variety show and advertisements; learning was beyond my expectation; will use and share learning to our students; best seminar ever, different style; helped me to wider my knowledge specially in teaching MIL (Media Information Literacy is the core curriculum of K11 & K12), go home with head full of something to share; seminar is very informative; all the topics were very important and significant; truly amazing, informative, comprehensive & factual; timely, relevant and actually happening; an eye-opener for me.

Each participant was given a kit that contains Church Documents on Social Communication and some were used in the workshop. Participants were grateful of the kit, which they can use as reference in classroom teaching and giving animation on the proper use of mass media and social media.  

Fr. Norman who recently graduated from doctoral degree in Educational Management at St. Paul University shared how to put core values in their teaching profession, how to integrate Media Literacy in different subject area, and Media Spirituality.  He emphasized that face-to-face communication is still the best and most effective; and many participants affirmed this in their evaluation. 

The Bishop of Tagbilaran Diocese Most Reverend Alberto Uy and his Chancellor Rev. Fr. Agerio Paña accepted the proposal to conduct ML Seminar and sent a circular letter to all parishes and catholic schools. The Director of Social Communication Rev. Fr. Efren Dolauta and Superintendent of Catholic Schools Rev. Fr. Linuel Canizares made the arrangement and invited the participants. – Sr. Consolata