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Media Literacy Education for a Mass-mediated Society

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“Media Recollection/Retreat”

Pastoral communication & Media Literacy Education:An Overview

Media Literacy Education & Church Ministry

Media Spirituality for Communicator-Apostles

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Media Awareness Seminar-Workshop

Media Literacy Education for Responsible Parenthood

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Schedule of Diocesan Media Literacy Education (MLE) Seminar-Workshop 2019-2020

  • Catholic School Teachers from the Ecclesiastical Province
  • Pastoral Workers from different Parishes 
Duration:  Two days Each Group Theme:
  • Teachers of Catholic Schools: Training Teachers in Media Literacy Skills and Integrate in their Subject Area
  • Pastoral Workers: Training Pastoral Workers in Media Literacy Skills for Evangelization
  1. Venue: Tagbilaran City
    • October 2-3 (Wednesday-Thursday) Pastoral Workers from different Parishes of the Diocese of Tagbilaran
    • Oct 5-6 Parochial School Teachers of the Diocese of Tagbilaran
  2. Venue: Bacolod City
    • November 28-29 (Thursday-Friday) Catholic School Teachers from the Diocese of Bacolod, Diocese of San Carlos, Diocese of Kabankalan & Diocese of Dumaguete
    • Nov 30-Dec 1 (Saturday-Sunday) Pastoral Workers from different Parishes of Diocese of Bacolod 
  1. Venue: Tacloban City
    • January 30-31 (Thursday-Friday) Catholic School Teachers of Palo Ecclesiastical Province, CEAP Region 8, Archdiocese of Palo, Diocese of Borongan, Diocese of Calbayog, Diocese of Catarman and Diocese of Naval
    • February 1-2 (Saturday-Sunday) Pastoral Workers from different Parishes of the Archdiocese of Palo
  2. Venue: Iloilo City, Some Dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Jaro and Capiz in February or March (to be arranged)
  3. Venue: Tuguegarao City, Ecclesiastical Province of Tuguegarao in April (to be arranged)
  4. Venue: Naga City, Ecclesiastical Province of Caceres in May (to be arranged)
  5. Venue: Lipa City, Ecclesiastical Province of Lipa in June (to be arranged)