Certificate Program


Modular courses offered for those who are interested in Media Literacy Education but
cannot attend the Graduate Program on a regular five consecutive Saturdays (16 hours
each module). For module description, please contact PICA office.

Media Literacy Education for a Mass-mediated Society

A modular course in Media Awareness designed for teachers, parents and child care-givers. It explores the ways in which children process the various information communicated by the media in general.

Advertising and Media Literacy

This is a course on critical awareness, analysis and evaluation of ADVERTISING (specifically) as a form of communicating media messages.

Film and Media Literacy

This module studies the ‘film language’ and how it communicates value messages. It includes viewing of mainstream movies followed by analysis and evaluation.

Television and Media Literacy

This module studies the ‘language’ of television and how it communicates value messages. It is interested in analyzing and evaluating the top-rated TV programs, with special concern for the most frequented ‘telenovela’.

“Media Retreat”

This is a two-day activity that attempts to integrate media experiences with one’s own personal experience with God in daily life. The sessions are geared towards ‘introspection’ in an atmosphere of prayerful silence and through individual and group activities.

Pastoral Communication and Media Literacy Education: An Overview

Understanding the principles and theories of communication on different levels: intrapersonal, group, organizational, institutional, mass media and information society, communication culture, media education and their applications to pastoral ministry. Recommended for pastoral workers, catechists and youth ministry coordinators and members.

Media Literacy Education and Church Ministry

This module examines the dynamics of communication and media culture in the light of Christian principles. The course deals with analysis, evaluation and appreciation of print and non-print images and prepares the participants to design Action Plans for the promotion of “Media Awareness”. Recommended for catechists and teachers.

Media Culture and Enlightened Values

This course basically differentiates the values of the media culture from those of the Gospel. It invites participants to learn to heed the presence of cultural values and relate to them with the eyes of faith.

Media Literacy Education for Youth Ministry

A two-day training for youth leaders which focuses on the basic media literacy skills – practical enough for sharing with peer group.

Media Spirituality for Communicator-Apostle

A course that attempts to learn from the ways in which media is able to communicate effectively to people of all ages.

Children and Television

A course that studies the development tasks of children ages 3-7 and attempts to help parents and guardians process audio-visual images for kids.

Media Awareness Seminar-Workshop

A program designed for parents – to help deepen their perception and understanding of the power and impact of media images and to help them analyzing and evaluating TV programs for their kids.