PICA Mobile Media Education sets foot for in FSP'S 75th Philippine Foundation in 2013

FSP 75th Foundation logo
FSP 75th Foundation logo

As the Daughters of St. Paul marks its 75th Foundation in the Philippines in 2013, a line-up of activities were drawn to highlight the three-year celebration which include a series of media animation and seminars in the provinces to move on from parish to parish. Topics proposed deal on Media Literacy sessions with students and parents of different schools in the area, Media Awareness and film showing in the evening for parishioners, Formation to Communication of Pastoral Workers in the Parish with emphasis on “The Church Worker as a Communicator-Apostle.” The three-year celebration is launched today October 13, 2011 at the FSP Auditorium, Pasay City and and will end on October 13, 2014. Everyone is invited to avail of these media services offered specially to school, parishes, offices and media practitioners. This endeavor is inititated by PICA Mobile Media Education.

For more information contact: Sr. Clothilde de las Llagas…tel (02) 831-6960 local 201, telefax (02) 8316019
mobile 09273431774, 09193795475… email: clothfsp@paulines.ph cloth230@yahoo.com

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