Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia (PICA) will offer online module,
MILE in FILM, October 1-29, 2022, Saturdays at 1:00-4:00 P.M.
Goal: To become more appreciative of film though critical analysis and evaluation
based on Christian and artistic values
Topics of the Module:
 Movie as Entertainment Industry: Media Literacy Perspective
 Comprehensive Analysis & Evaluation of Moral & Artistic Values of Film
 How to Write a Film Review: Perspective of CBCP CINEMA (Catholic
INitiative for an Enlightened Movie Appreciation)
 Historical Development of Film Industry: Foreign and Local
 CBCP CINEMA Project and Service in the Church
 MTRCB Functions and Service to the Viewing Public
Every Saturday class has Lecture, Discussion & Workshop to learn the skills of
comprehensive assessment & evaluation of film with expert lecturer on assigned
More information please contact Sr. Consolata Manding,FSP
Tel: 8831-1771 local 201; Telefax: 8831-6019
Mobile: 0933-205-1399, 0921-448-3432, 0995-824-7284
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