PICA Offers Online Graduate Course: MILE in Advertising


Date: July 2-30, 2022 Saturday Class at 1:00-4:00 P.M.

Recommended for: Teachers, Pastoral Workers, Parents and Guardians

The Module covers:

  1. Study of Signs & Tools of Analysis to Understand different Types of Advertising 
  2. Functional Knowledge of Producing & Placement of Advertisement
  3. Historical Background and Development of Advertising Industry
  4. Church Teaching on Ethics in Advertising
  5. Critical Analysis & Evaluation of Ads from Moral, Christian & Cultural Perspectives

Ads are all over in the Internet, Mass Media, Social Media and the environment around us. Every piece of Ad promotes a value, positive or negative.

Learning and teaching others to critically analyze and evaluate Ads is our goal.

For more information please contact Sr. Consolata Manding:

Email: picafsp@paulines.ph or picafsp@gmail.com 
Cellphone:  +63 933 205 1399 or +63 995 824 7284 
Telefax: (02) 8831-6019; Tel: (02) 8831-1771 local 201